360 South Africa
Virtual Tour Photography
of South Africa.

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Visit the 360 Productions website which features all the services we offer, including aerial video photos and Aerial 360 Virtual Tours. The 360 South Africa website is a large collection of hundreds of Virtual Tours we have created over 5 years in South Africa.

What is a Virtual Tour

A Virtual Tour is a 360 degree view of a room, building or other location.

When viewed on a computer (PC or Mac) or viewed on a mobile device (works on iPad, iPhone, etc) the experience simulates as near as possible, remote travel and exploration of a 3D space.

"It actually feels like you are really there!"

The person viewing the Virtual Tour can interact with the image, usually by dragging with the mouse, to look around in all directions, and jump between scenes (rooms / locations) in the Virtual Tour.

A Virtual Tour is usually accessed on a website, using a computer or a mobile phone, or tablet device.

Some mobile devices, such as the Apple iPhone, and iPad tablet devices, also support gyro control. This basically means that the viewer can turn the image around and look in all directions, just by moving the device around. Our Virtual Tours work on iPad and iPhone and other mobile devices.

Learn more about how a Virtual Tour is made , and what HDR is , and why we use Flash Player to play our Virtual Tours on PC and Mac.